Who I am

Strategist. Learner. Individualist. Achiever. Activator.
Those are my top 5 strengths.
I'm a PhD candidate in Machine Learning with a 20 year career in first of a kind products.

Unchained Code was created to improve efficiency through software and digital strategy. When I spot an inefficiency or superfluous labor, my immediate reaction is to create a system to conserve wasted time and energy. Is there something that eats up your time or holds you back? My passion is coming up with solutions that allow you more freedom to focus on what's important.
Clean. Concise. Clear. Committed. Cheer.


Stuff I do

My work is custom to suit your needs. Here is a tasting menu.

  • Brand Image and Strategy

  • Organic and Paid Growth

  • Code. Multilingual.

  • Educate and Serve


One more thing

Unchained Code is allied with a globally distributed, remote team of professionals. If you throw a challenge at me, the alliance will help tackle it. Together we can deliver faster, working around the clock at times. Our onboarding process, quality control and concierge service will wow you. Let's chat. Tell me about a day in the life of your business, and let's see how we can free up some time and money. There's nothing to lose and so much to gain.